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Fathers Day Gifts 2015 Ireland & UK

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As we all probably know by now, Father's Day is on Sunday the 21st June, 2015 in Ireland and the UK and that means that you have plenty of time to find something just right for the Super Dad in your life!

The rule is that Father's Day always takes place on the 3rd Sunday of the month of June (for Ireland and the UK anyway).

I wonder who gets more anxious about Father's Day presents? The child who has to figure out what perfect present to get for the perfect dad or is it the dad who has to look delighted, no matter what he is given? From either point of view, it's not normally easy, but we hope that we might be able to give you a few suggestions that might help you out in picking the right gift and also help your dad out by getting a present he actually wants!

A Quick History of Father's Day

So, where did Father's Day come from and what is the history behind it? Well, we know that Mother's has its own history going back to the early 1900's in the U.S. and a lady named Anna Jarvis. The same can almost be said of the history of Father's Day. President Coolidge - one of the lesser known US Presidents - announced that the 3rd Sunday in June was hereafter to be known as Father's Day. That was in 1924, although the notion of celebrating Father's Day and giving father's presents to honour them had been around since 1909. In 1972 however, President Nixon - one of the better known US Presidents, if not for the best of reasons - announced a permanent observance of this date as Father's Day. The tradition has not only remained, but grown and is now a part of many societies' culture. Even though it is named Father's Day, the accepted culture around this event has been to give thanks not just to fathers as caretakers but also to patriarchal figures who have performed the same duty for a dependent. An uncle, a Godfather or big brother can be honoured on this day if they are seen as having provided the care and protection of a traditional father.

Don't forget that it doesn't matter where you live. Whether you are in Ireland or lucky enough to be in Australia, New Zealand, the US or anywhere abroad - we will make sure that your gift is delivered quickly and efficiently.

So if you can't make it home to see your dad this Father's Day then don't worry, we'll do whatever you need us to do to make sure he gets a great surprise for Father's Day!